Meeting of the Chairman of the Board of the Foundation with the head of the Russian-Chinese company "Hozma" Mr. Zuo Qing
On April 22, 2019, the meeting of the Chairman of the Board of the Popova Foundation E.V. with the head of the Russian-Chinese company "Hozma" Mr. Zuo Qing.

At the meeting, an agreement was reached that from April 2019, Mr. Qing Zuo will work closely with the Foundation in terms of developing cooperation with Chinese companies and organizations, the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Mr. Zuo Qing will assist and advise Chinese partners on the issues of interaction with the Foundation, help attract Chinese companies to events, conferences and exhibitions held by the Foundation, and the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in general, including in the Moscow Expo Center.
E. Popova noted that work has already begun on organizing information and consulting support to Chinese companies in establishing relations with Russian development institutions, work will be carried out on organizing interaction with other subsidiaries of the Chamber of Commerce of Russia, in particular Expocentre JSC. Given the great interest of the innovation community in interacting with Chinese companies, the Innovation Entrepreneurship Development Fund can become one of the bridges in establishing close cooperation between small and medium-sized businesses of the two countries.

The Fund's Director-General Pavel Rybin noted that work with Chinese partners had begun not long ago, but had already gained significant results. It should be noted that Mr. Jing Zuo has extensive experience in Russia and the CIS and is actively attracting new technologies from China to the Russian Federation. In particular, twice in half a year, we jointly considered advanced Chinese scientific solutions in the field of cleaning up complex industrial effluents and preparing drinking water, which we are already starting to use in Russia. Our partner is a company - a member of the Skolkovo project LLC RenuolL, a developer of a number of advanced solutions in the field of ecology, is ready to prepare jointly technological solutions that will be offered to large enterprises in Russia in the near future. We are confident that technological solutions can greatly contribute to solving problems with the ecology of the Volga, Baikal and other water bodies of our country.

We are working with the technology Herbal Symbol recommended by our partner Qing Zuo - this is a unique, environmentally friendly product absolutely safe for the environment, intended for industrial and domestic use when washing, washing industrial equipment, using in everyday life as detergents for dishes and linen. Herbal Symbol does not contain harmful chemical compounds, petroleum products, surfactants, soaps and fragrances.

We held joint meetings with representatives of this Chinese company of the same name in the Belgorod Region, the Republic of Buryatia, and also in Kazakhstan. At present, we are working to study the possibilities of opening the production of these products in the Belgorod region at the TSOER Gubkin and in the Republic of Buryatia. In the Belgorod region, technology will allow using non-marketable products of fruit and vegetable producers, and in Buryatia it is important because it does not contain fluorine, chlorine, surfactants and other chemicals, which allows for the wide use of products as detergents and cleaning agents to significantly reduce the environmental burden to Lake Baikal.
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