Round table on the theme: "Interaction of big business with small and medium innovative companies"
In Trading-industrial chamber of the Russian Federation held a "round table" on a theme: "Interaction of big business with small and medium innovative companies."

The event was organized by the Russian chamber of Commerce, the Club of Directors on science and innovations (IR&DCclub) with the support of JSC "Russian venture company" (RVC).
The "round table" was chaired by the Chairman of the Subcommittee on development of innovative entrepreneurship of the RF CCI Committee for the development of private entrepreneurship, small and medium-sized businesses, Vice-President of NP "National Agency of technological support of entrepreneurship" (Intekh) Victor Malay. The event began with the presentation of Viktor Malay representative of the Moscow chamber of Commerce and industry awards the CCI of the Russian Federation – the medal "For merits in business".

On behalf of the Chamber to the participants of the "round table" greeted the Vice-President of the CCI of Russia Alexander Zakharov. He noted the relevance of the topic, stressing that the Russian economy on the innovative rails is no alternative. One of the challenges now facing the country, says Alexander Zakharov, is a small volume of innovation. The reason for this lies in the lack of effective interaction between all participants of the innovation market. The competition in this area, especially in the context of the WTO, will only increase.

Correlating innovative Russian experience with foreign, in particular German, Alexander Zakharov said that the backbone of the German economy are small and medium enterprises, employing almost 70 percent of the working population and the share of SMEs in GDP approaching 50 per cent. Referring to the innovative development of the country, Alexander Zakharov singled out major directions, including: lift Russia from 120th place to 20th on the attractiveness of the business and investment climate of the country. Its improvement quality is a prerequisite for the growth of demand for innovations, said Vice-President of the Chamber.

In addition, the CCI has contributed to this process, the Chamber developed and submitted for consideration the governments the Concept of National strategies for the protection of intellectual property, which may in the future contribute to the growth of demand for innovations.

Developed Internet portal: innovative map of the country to improve the interaction between the participants of innovation market in Russia and with foreign partners. Composed of 4 road map in the energy, construction, customs and foreign economic activities. In conclusion, the Vice-President of the CCI of Russia Alexander Zakharov took the initiative to develop a "road map" of the interaction of big business with small and medium innovative companies.

Your view on the issue was expressed by the audience Victor malai, noting the relevance of the topic, noting that large companies are obliged soon to submit plans for cooperation with small and medium innovative companies. At the moment most of them have such plans for cooperation are absent. The current "round table" intended to solve the problem, said Victor Malay.

According to a member of the Board of the Club of Directors on science and innovations, Deputy Director of the Institute of innovations management NRU HSE, Deputy editor of the journal "Expert" Dana Medovnikov, the mechanism of interaction of big business and small, medium and innovative companies is gradually improving. Today, SMEs are poorly informed about the demand for innovation from large companies, says Dan Medovnikov. It is necessary to consider the tools of building mechanism of interaction between large businesses and small and medium innovative enterprises.

The Director of the Department for promotion of innovations and social programs, member of the Board of RVC Yevgeny Kuznetsov in speech and introduced the present with the main foreign trends in the interaction of large companies with small and medium innovative enterprises, the level of R & d expenditures. In his opinion, today we need to encourage big domestic companies to become the main consumers of innovation.

To solve the above problems, in the CCI of the Russian Federation chaired by Sergei Katyrin was created the Fund of development of innovative entrepreneurship, whose main tasks is to create communication tools big business with small and medium-sized innovative enterprises based on the model of "open innovation".

The advantage of this mechanism is that of the company "connected" to the resources of foreign scientific and technological base, that is, the search of ideas and technologies is conducted on the open market.

The Fund for its part collects and accumulates the needs of big business in the field of innovative development, then using the infrastructure of the system of chambers of Commerce, holds in the regions of the design session involving small and medium-sized enterprises, Universities and research institutes with the goal of creating technological solutions. Further solutions are packaged and sent to the customer for consideration.

The launch of such a mechanism will stimulate the entrepreneurial activity of small and medium innovation enterprises, the creation of new innovative solutions and high-tech jobs. And most importantly, will allow large businesses to significantly save time and financial resources at the stages of R & d by attracting scientific and technical potential of small and medium innovative businesses from all regions of Russia.

The Foundation will contribute to the development of management of culture of the Russian business. We have already agreed with the company "Arbitec Consulting" and Wake up to hand out membership and partner organizations competency model for free.

Next, the event featured two sessions devoted to the position of the state concerning the development of relations of big and small business with another country, the view from business development for large and small businesses. Those present at the round table shared their experience and vision of the organization and build collaboration between large and small businesses on the example of large corporations.
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