Online seminar: "creating a network of open R&D centers"
The CCI of Russia held a webinar with representatives of territorial chambers of Commerce and industry, technology parks, business incubators, universities and research institutes on the project of deployment of the network of open R&D centers.
The seminar was opened Alexander Lomachenko, head of Department of development of innovative entrepreneurship of the RF CCI. In his opening remarks, he spoke about the projects of the Department in the field of support and development of innovative entrepreneurship.

Then Pavel Rybin, General Director of NGO "Fund of development of innovative entrepreneurship", presented the initiative Trading-industrial chamber of the Russian Federation on the deployment of a network of open R&D centers on the basis of territorial chambers of Commerce, technology parks, universities and research institutes.

The main prerequisite for launching the project was gradually gaining a paradigm shift for research and technological development corporations in a model of "open innovation". The rising cost of R & d and the concomitant trends — the shortening life cycle of products and the growing mobility of human capital leads to the fact that the R & d framework, in which big business is conducting research and development brings new products to market using only its own scientific and technological base, working hard or not working at all.

Even the largest global corporations are increasingly using the results of external research and development.

International experience:

Cisco Systems since 1993 the Corporation has acquired more than 120 technology startups and integrated them into their structure. The share of outsourcing in Airbus and Boeing have already exceeded 50%. When you create the Boeing 787, the proportion of external developments was 70%. Research center a helicopter holding Sikorsky has developed for third party customers technology recycling, etc. around the world there is development of cooperation between corporations and small and medium innovative enterprises. Thus, according to experts, up to 70% of all Russian small and medium innovative enterprises can be used in business processes for large business, but remain unclaimed due to the fact that Russia has not created the infrastructure for such interaction.

That is why the chamber of Commerce of Russia was established "Fund of development of innovative entrepreneurship", whose main purpose is creation of the interface of big business with small and medium-sized innovative enterprises.

It is planned to expand the system of open R&D centers on the basis of territorial chambers of Commerce and industry, technoparks, business incubators, universities and research institutes.

Open R&D center is a communication platform bringing together the unique experience, the results of scientific and technological activities and their own scientific and technological base of innovative enterprises, universities and research institutes to solve specific technological problems.

The main advantage of the project is the infrastructure capacity of the CCI is 174 regional chamber, more than 50,000 affiliates, 70 business councils, foreign missions 29 and 34 of the relevant Committee.

"The Fund of development of innovative entrepreneurship", for its part, collects and accumulates the needs of big business in the field of innovative development. Training and accreditation of open R&D centers, which in turn are in regions of the design session, attracting innovative enterprises, universities and research institutes with the goal of creating technological solutions.

The advantage of this mechanism is that big business gets the opportunity to "connect" to the resources of foreign scientific and technological base and to search for ideas and technologies on the open market.

The project will allow large businesses to significantly save financial and time resources R & d stage through the use of existing solutions, to share the risks of research and development with external scientific and technological base, and will also have the opportunity to commercialize their own non-core development projects (spin-offs).

For the enterprises of small and average business is first of all an opportunity to order for R & d, supply of equipment and technology.

For the investor, the mechanism will significantly reduce the risks of venture capital projects by investing in projects with a existing consumer of high-tech products and services.

For territorial CCI this is a new area of commercial activity, lie entirely in the area of basic goals and objectives. Open R&D center, which was formed by the solution of technological request, receives a fee from the income received as a result of delivery of such decision.

While conducting project sessions, in which affiliates (residents) will be able to implement their own scientific and technological potential, will stimulate the inflow of new member organisations.

The creation of a network of open R&D centers will stimulate the entrepreneurial activity of small and medium innovation enterprises, the creation of new innovative solutions and high-tech jobs.

At the end of his speech, Paul fish thanked the participants for their interest in the project and invited to cooperation of all interested parties.

The webinar is conducted with support from the International Institute of management for associations predprinimateley.
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