A meeting of the Public Council of the Military-industrial Commission under the government of the Russian Federation
The Deputy Chairman of the Board of the development Fund of innovative entrepreneurship Alexander Polyanichko participated in the third meeting of the Public Council of the Military-industrial Commission under the Russian government, whose head is Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on March 27, 2013 at the government House in Moscow.
On the agenda was two questions. First — the organization fundamental, problem-oriented and applied research in the interests of national security and the concept of development of the advanced research Foundation, the Rapporteur for which was made by the Director of Physical-technical Institute. A. F. Ioffe Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei Zabrodskii. The second military science at the present stage, as well as forecasting and planning for the development of armaments, military and special equipment in the context of future threats. This theme revealed the member of the Presidium of Volunteerism, special forces (DON), President of the Academy of military Sciences, Chairman of the Public Council Mahmut Gareev, a place in the Presidium of the Public Council.

In its report, "War and military science at the present stage. The ratio of non-military and military means in international confrontation and their impact on the development of weapons and equipment" Makhmut Akhmetovich noted that Russia has to solve defense tasks in extremely difficult conditions and the extreme uncertainty of prospects of development of the geopolitical situation. On the one hand, threats to Russia's security are both military and not military-political-diplomatic, economic, informational, cybernetic, and other very insidious means and ways. On the other hand, the unprecedented strengthened, especially in terms of technology, the forces opposed to us in the international arena.

Today to science and the defense industry, a new challenge: to create not only modern weapons but also advanced methods and technologies of information, cybernetic, psychological and other non-military means of struggle. Thus, a new aspect of the armed struggle is that all so-called non-military forms of struggle have an impact on the organization and combat use of the Armed forces and other troops of the Military organization of the Russian Federation.

Today there arises the need of creating a separate Ministry of defense industry, whose main task will be the coordination of defense industrial enterprises, introduction of innovative technologies, organization of training necessary for the defense industry engineering and technical personnel. Particularly important in this regard, the cooperation of the Ministry of defense with the Foundation for advanced studies, the military industrial complex and the appropriate control of General I. Ostapenko for the accelerated development of innovative technologies.

The President of the national strategy Institute, Chairman of the Presidium of the Public Council of the Military-industrial Commission Mikhail Remezov presented the report "From today to tomorrow. Russia in the race of military technology". He stressed that Russia is seriously lagging behind the leaders in the development of modern industrial technology. But in the case of technology a new way that don't have a wide industrial implementation, the fact that the gap is not fatal. Natural outlet for the country is the concentration of available resources for the development of technologies that will provide leadership the day after tomorrow — at a time when new technological order, the outlines of which now only grope, will become a reality.

The promising technology and the "breakthrough point" are concentrated in five major applications: human technology, network technology, robotics, transport, energy. Achieving high scientific results in these areas will ensure Russia's breakthrough to an absolutely new technological level.

Individual attention Michael V. was devoted to the work of the advanced research Foundation. DRF is intended to be a tool target of the order from the state in the field of science and technology policy. An important element of its activities to become not only the ordering and financing of the development, but also support the later stages of the life cycle up to implementation in production, the production of weapons. The work of the Foundation is to support research and development that is the most difficult and vulnerable stages of the innovation cycle — the transition from research to full-fledged technology.

Director Physico-technical Institute. A. F. Ioffe RAS, corresponding member of RAS Zabrodskii Andrei Georgievich has addressed to present with the report of the "Systemic problems of development of sphere of research and development in the interests of national security". He noted that a long history of successful participation FTI im. A. F. Ioffe in major state projects contributing to the economic development of the country and its defense capability, shows that powerful state and strong science are inseparable. The present system of functioning of the sphere of R & d is unable to give an adequate response to the challenges it faces serious challenges and needs to be reformed. To start with the issues of state control and regulation. We are talking about creating a system of effective functioning of the R & d sector, which determines the development of national defense. Necessary support changes to the legislative and regulatory environment, lobbying at all levels of projects development of R & d in national security interests and dual-purpose.

Among the invitees were the Chairman of the party "FATHERLAND", Secretary of the Presidium of the DON, member of the Duma Committee on defense Alexey Zhuravlev. As members of the Public Council the meeting was attended by the head branches of the party RODINA and dawn in the Novosibirsk region, Advisor to the Chairman of the Siberian branch of RAS Aleksandr Lyulko, Chairman of the Board of "HOMELAND" in the Nizhny Novgorod region Vyacheslav Rasteryaev, member of the Board of the regional offices of "HOMELAND" and DON in the Perm Krai, Deputy Chairman of the management Board of the development Fund of innovative entrepreneurship of the CCI of the Russian Federation Alexander Polyanichko, and Chairman of the regional Council of DON in the Chelyabinsk region, first Vice-President of the Association of the military-industrial complex of Chelyabinsk region Viktor Kuzenkov.
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