Seminar "Development of regional innovation infrastructure, support of activities of innovative enterprises"
The presentation took place in the framework of the tripartite Agreement on cooperation in investment and innovation between the Government of the Rostov region, chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation and the CCI of the Rostov region. The initiator of the seminar was organized by the regional Department of investments and entrepreneurship. Organized a seminar: the CCI of the Rostov region in cooperation with GAU RO "Rostov information-analytical centre". The purpose of the event is to acquaint entrepreneurs with the existing system of support to start and grow innovative businesses.
President of the CCI of the Rostov region Nikolay Prisyazhnyuk welcomed the participants and spoke about the format of the event: "You can learn about the state of legal protection of intellectual property, on the conditions and possibilities of attracting investment resources. We plan to hold five such seminars." He wished the participants every success in finding optimal solutions for business development. Details of how innovative companies will be able to expand the list of its partners, said the General Director of Fund of development of innovative entrepreneurship Pavel Rybin: "In June 2012. Chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation established the Foundation for the development of innovative entrepreneurship. His task is to establish a lively information exchange between customers innovative solutions and those who are ready to offer them. To this end, developed a system of Open Research&Developmentцентров on the basis of the territorial chambers of Commerce and industry, technology parks, business incubators, Universities and research institutes". According to him, the outdoor research (R&D) centre is a communication platform. Its capabilities allow not only to find ready-made solutions that meet the needs of the customer, but also create new ones, integrating into them the best practices of foreign science and technology base.

"For the customer – it saves time and financial resources for innovative enterprises to be able to find new markets," said Pavel Rybin. He said currently the world is witnessing a paradigm shift of scientific and technological development of the business towards the model of "open innovation". As a result of growing demand for innovative products of foreign developers. Thus, the share of outsourcing in the companies Airbus and Boeing have increased by 50%. And when you create the "Boeing 787" the share of the external developments already made 70%. The world's largest corporations are increasingly using the results of external research and development, developing co-operation with small and medium-sized innovative enterprises.

The system of Open R&D centers– this is just an attempt to keep up with the times. This perfect network of chambers of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation. At its base is created 15 public research and development (R&D) centres, including one math and industry of Rostov region. By the end of 2013, there should be twice more. With the aim of systematizing the work of Open R&D centers there was a need for the development of an electronic platform.

"For help, we turned to Rostov the company "Simple Business", which it was proposed to create a platform for our system" -says the General Director of Fund of development of innovative entrepreneurship of the CCI of the Russian Federation Pavel Rybin. It was an Association of virtual office with the possibilities of social networking".

Currently, virtual office, distributed through the offices of the Fund of development of innovative entrepreneurship, the system of the CCI. It can get free of manufacturing and research organizations, for which he will be the key to enter the system. The don all advice and assistance on the acquisition of a virtual office, and registration on an electronic platform carries out Trading-industrial chamber of the Rostov region.

Until the end of 2013 it is planned to connect to the system not less than 1 500 manufacturing and research companies.That will allow for the monitoring of innovative activity of the enterprises of the region and form the basis of the information received effective support mechanisms. The platform will provide small and medium-sized innovative enterprises in the region access to technological queries of big business, which will significantly enhance the capabilities of companies. According to experts, the principle of a social network, which is the basis of an electronic platform of Open R&D centers will create new tools to implement the most high-tech innovative solutions.

It is significant that the seminar ended with a presentation of the don innovation projects. In the opinion of the adviser for investments and innovations CCI of the Rostov region Valery Koroleva, Foundation for development of innovative entrepreneurship can provide real assistance in finding interested investors and empowerment companies to the dynamic development of their high-tech entrepreneurship.
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