Technology request Innovative Development Centre of Moscow
24 Dec 2013 the Center for innovative development of Moscow in the electronic system of "Open R&D centers" house technology request search for solutions aimed at reducing noise from vehicles in the interests of the city.
Searches for cost-effective solutions to identify residential areas of the city of Moscow with high noise level (over 50 dBA) and integrated solutions for the maximum reduction of the noise from moving vehicles in areas of residential development.


- must be finished product, not a prototype;

- should not degrade the appearance of the city;

to be economically viable;

- not to interfere with vehicles;

- have the introduction cycle is not more than a year

The contest and confirmation of the declared characteristics, the best technological solutions will be applied to reduce noise from vehicles in residential areas of the city of Moscow.

More detailed information can be found on the electronic platform by registering in the link:

The selection of projects will be accepted until 1 March 2014.
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