About the Fund
In order to promote technological development and innovation Russian business chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation established the Fund for the development of innovative entrepreneurship.

The Foundation carries out its activities in cooperation with the Department of investment promotion and innovation of the RF CCI.

As prerequisites to the establishment of the Fund should note the following.

In the national innovation system has not established a clear and understandable infrastructure of interaction between state and big business with small and medium innovative companies, despite the direct economic benefit for all participants in this process. This is confirmed by the conclusions of many experts. Touch on only some of them.
For example, the introduction of the 70 percent development of small and medium innovative enterprises in production processes of big business economically justified. The number of technological needs of big business are satisfied at the expense of their foreign counterparts, including the right of repurchase from the Russian developers.

The rising cost of R & d and the concomitant trends - the shortening life cycle of products and the growing mobility of human capital lead to the fact that the R & d framework, in which big business uses only its own scientific-technological base, working hard or not working at all.

Therefore, a non-profit organization "Fund of development of innovative entrepreneurship", established by the chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation, aims - promoting technological development and innovation Russian business, creation of mechanisms of interaction between large business and small and medium innovative enterprises.

The main tasks of the Fund:
  • Identify the needs of big business in the field of high-tech development and formed the Bank requests for innovation
  • Create a system of open interactive platforms for the enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses with the goal of finding and developing innovative solutions in all areas of the economy
  • Introduce popular innovations in production, economic and marketing processes of large state and commercial structures
  • Contribute to the emergence of promising startups, their promotion on domestic and foreign markets
  • Facilitates access to foreign technologies in demand, the search for reliable partners
  • Generated grants for development of innovative entrepreneurship, including with state participation.
I would like to mention the creation of interactive communication platforms in popular social networks, which are designed to create a community thinking and acting people in various fields of human activity.

Of course, we first will help to ensure to combine the unique expertise, scientific and technical activities of innovative enterprises, technoparks, business incubators, research institutions and Universities to address specific technological needs of the Russian business.

The main advantages of the Fund are infrastructure capacity chamber system:
  • 174 territorial chambers of Commerce and industry;
  • more than 90 overseas offices;
  • more than 50,000 organizations - members of RF CCI;
  • 211 professional associations.

We hope that innovative entrepreneurship in Russia with the participation of the Fund will gain new impetus. And not only in those activities which are connected with high technologies in the sphere of industrial production, but also in solving other problems in the field of Finance, agriculture, medicine, education and other social initiatives.
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